These are some of the reasons why trans and non-binary people in our communities thought it was important to answer this survey. Thank you to everyone who generously shared their image and words. 


Image of Tai and his quote "It is important that we complete the survey so that we can gather information that evidences the shortfalls in trans healthcare. If we can't provide evidence of real need, we can't effect change. Complete the survey - effect change!"


Photo of Tom Hamilton with his quote “By sharing these reflections we demonstrate to others how we belong in communities, schools, workplaces and homes. It’s not only answering questions in a survey it’s standing up to belong”.


Drawing of Phylehsa saying “WE can no longer be left behind, being counted is OUR collective responsibility. Being counted will no longer give anyone an excuse to make US invisible”.


Drawing of Kī saying "In particular, those of us on the margins in our own communities - trans sex workers, intersex trans people, disabled trans people - need to be counted so our needs are taken into account."


Drawing of Soul with the quote: "How do you make change when our friends, whānau, schools, workplaces , health services and government are blind to what we need to live. Lets help them to see. Whether you only just stared exploring your gender identity, have gotten to a place your comfortable or are just starting to crack the lid. Combining our past and current experiences through this anonymous survey will create a space for change. Let our whānau be seen so we can all flourish."


Drawing of Claudia and her quote "I am 61 years of age and transitioned over 20 years ago. I have been fortunate and never experienced any significant discrimination, due more to luck than anything else. Others have not been so blessed. To begin eliminating discrimination, we as a community must know ourselves. Wherever you are on the spectrum, fill out this survey as a first step to true equality.”


Drawing of Isaac and his quote: "Regardless of the person's gender and sexuality, everyone needs to be valued and everyone has the potential to make a difference".


Drawing of Gio and her quote: “You are who you are, get up and be your authentic self. Self-respect, hope and love is a great start for your journey. Remember you are one in a billion. Ofa atu.”


Drawing of Te Maungarongo and their quote: “We need to keep ourselves alive. When everyone knows who we are, what we want and where we are, our voices will break closet doors, and carry the passion of 100s and 1000s of people. We are real, we are living, and we want more than what they’ve thrown to us."


Drawing of Georgina Beyer and her quote: “I would strongly urge our diverse Transgender community to participate in this survey. It is vital that we have accurate and reliable statistics on who we are, where we are and how well we are.”


Image of Allyson Hamblett with the words "Let's create a gender affirming health system that caters for everyone's uniqueness and diversity, so we don't have to explain each time - I don't want to explain every time that I have a disability and I am trans. Let the system expect all kinds of people."


Photo of Roxanne Peoples-Henare and her quote "I would like to see older Maori trans people engaging in the survey so that their voices can be heard".


Drawing of Jevon saying "The results from this comprehensive survey will help our community fight for better, and more targeted change - and hold the government responsible for our health and safety."


Drawing of Laurel and her quote "Your story, my story, are both important and different. The survey will help you tell some of yours."


Drawing of Karen and Peri te Wao and their quote "In the game of life, it does


Drawing of Queen Olivia and their quote" The New Zealand state mental health system is born of colonial mores and until recently pathologised our loves and identities. It is our turn to speak our truth to power."


Drawing of Emmy with her quote:"Karl Marx teaches us that before you can change the world, you have to understand and interpret it. This study is the first step towards achieving the systematic knowledge we need to go beyond just thinking about the problems we face and set about destroying them.”


Drawing of Jacquie and her quote "Be a part of the community you live in, even if at first you feel resistance. Eventually they WILL come to love and accept you as the beautiful person you are".


Drawing of Aram with his quote: “Belonging and visibility is crucial in a world that pretends we do not exist. We are not objects, we are living breathing people to be treated with dignity and respect in our society, family, work and health system".


Drawing of Joey and their quote "“I love my queer whānau. Too many of us are carrying wounds caused by the colonial medical system. Tear it down. Grow something better that belongs here.”


Drawing of Eliana and her quote: “We should fight invisibility, we have been invisible for many years that is why we need to show the government that we exist; that we have been ignored. Our struggle needs to be heard.”

Our project team members also shared some other reasons why it was important for trans and non-binary people to answer this survey:

  • This survey collected information that can improve the lives of trans and non-binary people in Aotearoa.
  • Our communities are often left out of surveys. So, this is about Counting Ourselves.
  • We created new questions that our communities need answers to, and also asked questions from existing surveys so that we can compare our health against the total New Zealand population.
  • The survey has Health Research Council funding and is the best opportunity we have ever had to capture statistics about our communities.
  • The survey covers a wide range of our communities. Currently the only statistics we have are limited to certain groups, such as people in high school.
  • The more people completing this survey, the more robust our data will be.

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