Counting Ourselves –  A Kaupapa Māori informed approach

When I was first approached by my friends researching toward Counting Ourselves, I felt really positive. It was early on in the piece when Jaimie was fleshing-out her Health Research Council funding application. Instantly, I felt that Jaimie respected me as tangata whenua, as a researcher, as an artist and as a person embodying intergenerational knowledge about being a gender morphing Māori person living in Aotearoa today. It has been good to get to know Kyle, Sam, Izzy, Huriana and Jack, as well as our community advisory group along the pathway too. Being part of the team helps me feel like I’m walking my talk, that I’m connecting the dots and finding ways to resolve the problems of our lifetime. To me, that’s about whakapapa.

Working on this project helps me collaborate toward research that aligns with my kaupapa to keep myself well, and by doing so my ability to manaaki and nurture others who have come to live in Aotearoa. I desire to work in a collaborative manner, it’s the best ways to find out ways to address problems experienced by people who get missed in the gaps. I feel that the knowledge and perspectives that I convey, which are timelessly collective, help people learn good ways to be.

Dr Tāwhanga Nopera


You can download and read more about what it means for this research project to be informed by kaupapa Māori research, below.

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