This survey is for all trans and non-binary people. This means anyone whose gender is different from their sex assigned at birth, whatever term you use to describe your identity.

You can take part in this survey if you are:

  • trans or non-binary and
  • aged 14 years or older and
  • currently living in Aotearoa New Zealand

It does not matter whether you use the specific terms ‘trans’ or ‘non-binary’ to describe yourself, whether you have transitioned, or even plan to transition.

There are many other terms that people in our communities use. These include transgender, transsexual, whakawahine, tāhine, tangata ira tāne, takatāpui, fa’afafine, fa’afatama, fakaleiti, fakafifine, akava’ine, aikāne, vakasalewalewa, genderqueer, gender diverse, bi-gender, cross-dresser, pangender, demi-gender, agender, trans woman, trans feminine, trans man, or trans masculine. Trans people filling out the survey might also identify as simply a woman or as a man.

We want to hear from all of you.


What is this survey about?
Who can take part?
How long will the survey take?
What types of questions will you be asked?
What are your rights?
Who can you contact for support?