Thank you so much to the 156 people who completed the survey in our first 8 days. That is such a wonderful start!

We know that there are also people who have started the survey who have not completed it yet. As long as you have ‘cookies’ enabled in your browser, you have 4 weeks from when you were last in the survey to go back in and pick up where you left off. There is a progress bar at the top of the survey that tells you how far through you are.

Social media plays a huge role in creating a sense of community for many trans and non-binary people. Many of us belong to closed, private, or secret online groups. Please help spread the word by sharing the website link there, and encouraging others to start the survey, or to go back in to complete it.

There are also many trans and non-binary people who are stealth, or who transitioned a long time ago and do not have a lot of contact with our communities. We really need to hear from them too. So that means putting up information about the survey in public places, like your local library or supermarket. There is a poster and a flyer you can download on  the Survey Flyers and Posters page of our website, or contact us if you want us to print copies off and send them to you.

Filling out an online survey is much easier for some people than others. Please reach out to friends who might need a hand. We can also send out hard copies of the survey. If you have a disability or impairment that makes it hard for you to fill out the survey, you can also contact us to see what assistance we can provide so that you can complete the survey too.

The very happy project team